Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Vermont woods near home

20x10" oil on canvas
This is a tight shot of a pretty spot on the edge of our property. Completely done with a new set of paints (eight colours) - Sennelier Plein-Air Artist Set  that I got myself for Christmas. Really nice paint, easy to work with. Using Gamblin Refined Linseed Oil and Turpenoid Natural (mostly for cleanup but works well as a fast-dry agent). The 'natural' version of the Turpenoid is non-toxic and not combustible. Smells good too.

BTW, the odd green colour just above the word 'canvas' is an artifact of the photo. There's also a dab of Chinese Orange in there in a couple of places that the camera did not pick up. Overall, the actual painting is much better than the photo (IMHO).

Off to the Bryan Gallery, Jeffersonville, VT for their fall 2014 show.


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